Paris Attacks: The Facts

The Harbinger

By Nathalie Mairena

At least eight terrorists attacked six different locations in the center of Paris Friday. Out of the eight attackers, seven died in apparent suicide bombings.

The attacks began almost simultaneously at 9:20 pm, with attackers detonating explosives and shooting into local restaurants and cafes. They were seen with AK-47 automatic weapons and many of the explosions were suicide bombings.

President Francois Hollande was evacuated from the Stade de France stadium where one explosion took place near the entrance and was taken to the Interior Ministry where a crisis meeting took place.

In the nearby Bataclan theater, where an American Heavy Metal band was playing, attackers went in and took everyone hostage. According to a reporter who managed to escape the concert hall, the attackers shot into the crowd for at least 10 minutes.

SWAT teams stormed the theater  at around 12:30am to find at least 90 people…

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