The Culmination of High School: Journalism Capstone

At Miami Lakes Educational Center there are academies and strands inside those academies. As part of the journalism strand in the Cambridge academy, senior students must create a capstone, a project that represents and reflects all they’ve learned throughout their three years in the strand.

My partner, Juanita Cardona, and I created a Miami lifestyle magazine aimed at Miami-Dade and Broward County residents. This project encompasses our greatest efforts throughout two months.

The magazine is divided among sections: culture, food, art & music.

Below are raw and unedited photos taken exclusively for the magazine:

Cuban roosters in front of El Pub in Calle Ocho, Little Havana by Daniela Morales.


This wall is painted inside Maximo Gomez domino park in Little Havana, by Daniela Morales.
The Biltmore Hotel by Daniela Morales.


Gabriella Ibanez at the Wynwood Walls.
Kalen Siddiqui photographed at the Wynwood Walls for a Reebok ad by Daniela Morales.
Gabriella Ibanez, a sun goddess, by Daniela Morales.


Viva magazine models Kalen Siddiqui and Gabriella Ibanez in Wynwood, an artistic area in South Florida.

This is a pdf of the print version presented to the judges, Paradise Afshar, Chabeli Herrera, and two Herff Jones representatives, Jose and Jordan.

Viva Magazine


Washington D.C. (Geometry in Architecture)

Family Day at the Zoo

Making m’EMORY’s

My friends and I took a road trip to Atlanta, Georgia to explore Emory University. While exploring the city by the directions of a friend and resident of the city, we stopped by Ponce Market and the Beltline.

Ponce Market is a mall style food court with small little shops outside. The cuisines range form Mediterranean to Hispanic to American with a small wine shop camouflaged among the restaurants.

The Beltline has 22 miles of pedestrian friendly transit and even though my friends and I only walked two of those miles we saw a lot of different kinds of people running, jogging, walking their dogs, taking part in a pub crawl dressed up in funny Christmas costumes.

Ponce Market and the neighboring Beltline offer a unique ambience in central Atlanta.

Visit the post for more.

Source: Making mEMORYs


From PAMM to Pincho Factory to Pembroke Lakes

Though this has been a very busy summer, it has also been kind of uneventful. By uneventful I mean not many fun adventures with friends, like every teenagers wishes their summer would be.

SIDE NOTE: Other than eventful in my own personal life, Thursday was also a very eventful day for the world. The Dallas shooting left five police officers dead and seven injured after a peaceful protest following the deaths of two black men at the hands of police officers. This impacted more than just the United States, but the world. People everywhere are responding with positive thoughts for those that feel oppressed and celebrities are pressuring law makers to finally make a move in the right direction. The events on Thursday shifted the conversation a little bit away from police brutality to overall violence. Three (very impacting, for the whole country) shootings in such  short time span should not become the norm.

This past Thursday my friends and I decided to make some memories and headed out to the Perez Art Museum Miami. There we saw Doris Salcedo’s exhibit and even took part in a hands-on activity (mostly for children aged 5 – 10), sewing our very own depiction of the horrors of the world.

After a nice photo session in the perfectly lighting that provided that cloudless day, we headed to Pincho Factory. Maria  saw an advertisement for their ‘Toston Burger’ and that opened everyone’s appetite so much we had to go try it out. Final verdict: it was good I was extremely full and still wanted to eat another one. Oh, that and the ranch sauce, cheese, and bacon topped fries we had.

Then onto some shopping at Pembroke Lakes mall. As part of a quite uneventful summer I have planned quite an event to attend – a wedding. The mall was not just strictly shopping though. It would not be any kind of exaggeration if I were to say that Maria, Stephanie and I played with makeup for about a whole hour at the Macy’s makeup counter.

It was a fun day filled with laughs and photos and good memories.

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By the way, don’t you just love the alliteration in that title?

Spring Break 2016

This Spring Break was unlike any other. My mom, sister and I took our first road trip up to Central Florida like the three independent women we are.

This is the story of our experimental and explorative Spring Break – our journey.

Taking Photos of Strangers in Public (or Street Photography)

IMG_4559All of these photos were taken at the Hollywood Beach boardwalk on a Saturday night. Though there is nightlife, it revolves mainly around whatever act is performing on the main stage that night.

The scene has changed though: there is a new resort right where there used to be a playground and it has utterly changed the vibe. IMG_4492There are more drunken adults laying poolside and less kids monkeying around on the bars.

But old habits die hard. The couple pictured dancing has been going to Hollywood beach ever since i can remember. Every Saturday my family IMG_4639and I would spend at the beach swimming in the ocean was every Saturday that couple would spend dancing in front of the stage.

Throughout the rest of the boardwalk, that is where the young hang out. The most popular spots are the ice cream parlors – there are possibly hundreds IMG_4535of them – the pizza places and the wall diving the boardwalk and the sand (either licking ice cream or biting pizza.)

There is also the unavoidable four wheeled bicycle which is the definition of forced family time for every child aged 9 – 17. Though there IMG_4647is a “vehicles” lane on the boardwalk, there is no such thing as being too careful. Little three wheeled tricycle/chair thingamajigs are always zipping by with disregard for pedestrians.

The Hollywood beach boardwalk is a place where people go to dance, eat, IMG_4642drink, bike, roller-skate, skateboard, (the new and still mysterious) hoverboard, and run. It’s ideal for a first date and a workout session – there’s no other place like it.

Photoshop Skills

I’ve recently been spending more time with Photoshop because I know I will need these skills soon enough when it’s time to work on my senior project, Capstone. These are some before and after pictures. In this edition I made the colors more vibrant.


I used to think the colors in this photo were what made photo a pretty one but after putting it through Photoshop and seeing the before and after I realized all photos can be improved. When comparing photos, the first one seems like it has a white/pale filter. The colors in the new version look more vibrant and make the photo even more beautiful.IMG_3006 fixed

These are some more examples.

IMG_2842 IMG_2842 fixed

IMG_2850 IMG_2850 fixedIMG_2952IMG_2952 fixed