Boko Haram Still Haunts

On Friday, May 22nd, Boko Haram’s militants stormed a village previously declared as free from the militant group and hacked ten residents to death.

They came in at about dawn, when everyone was still asleep and attacked with machetes. Some residents stated the attackers didn’t hold many weapons and some were even unarmed.

“They only fired a few shots when they were leaving after the attack,” said Maina Ularamu, Magdali government Chairman.

These militants are believed to be the same ones raiding other villages in nearby mountains.

For now the government is mobilizing local hunters and vigilantes to go and hunt down the militants.


Obama to restrict use of military equipment by police

The Obama Administration has finally taken action on all the requests ever since the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. On Monday, May 18, 2015 the administration moved to prohibit federal agencies from providing local police officers with military equipment such as grenades, bayonets and other high-caliber weapons.

Obama acknowledged at a speech in New Jersey that lately the community might feel like the police are an opposing force instead of one that is part of the community and designed to help its constituents. He also referenced Camden, N.J saying the whole country should follow their example and help lower crime rate.

This is all part of an executive order on President Obama’s part that tightened requirements for when security agencies provide the local and state police with military weapons and requires police to give more detailed reports to keep track of the equipment.

It seems as if Obama’s executive order may be useless because the local police may still bypass these requirements and bans by buying the same type of equipment from private sellers.

MLEC SHAPE Grant Reception Dinner

IMG_9846 IMG_9856 IMG_9857 IMG_9864 IMG_9926 IMG_9927 IMG_9935 IMG_9936 IMG_9952 IMG_9953

This past Wednesday was the SHAPE club Grant Dinner where they award grants to clubs and organizations in the school and to one outside organization. This year it was the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station that was awarded $500 of the $2,400 the club fundraised along the whole school year. Grants were given to in-house clubs like TSA, Key Club and the school newspaper “The Harbinger” and the Pharmacy strand in the Health Academy.

Kim Jong Un Poisoned Aunt According to Defector

An anonymous person has come forward stating that Kim did not only have his uncle killed, but his aunt too. So far this year Kim Jong Un has killed up to 15 enemy officials, says the South Korea Intelligence Agency.

Kim Kyong Hui went missing from the public eye a few months before her husband’s disappearance. Various reports suggest she had a fatal stroke, heart attack, committed suicide or was in a vegetative state after undergoing surgery for a brain tumor.

Earlier this year a report from the South Korea intelligence agency emerged saying she may have still been alive.

The defector accuses Kim Jong of having poisoned his aunt almost a year ago. He says only his bodyguard unit, Unit 974 knew about it but now senior officials have found out the apparent truth.

The purpose of her “murder” was seemingly to silence her after complaining angrily after her husband was killed in December of 2013.

As far as accusations go, Kim Jong Un goes to any extremes to take out his competition; whether they are blood relatives or not, an obstacle is a simple obstacle for Jong Un.

Testing Craze

If there is ever a reason to hate being a teenager in high school is all the testing; AP tests, AICE tests, EOCs, DDEOC’s. Us teenagers get all of this thrown at us in a matter of one month – sometimes having more than one test per day.

Just two days ago I officially started my very own testing season. With the English Language Paper I practically sneaking behind my backs I was very stressed out. I didn’t feel like my teacher had prepared me enough or maybe i just didn’t understand the concept.

There are so many things to look for when analyzing a passage, and each type of passage is different. When analyzing a speech: persuasion, aimed at a broad audience therefore colloquial language, appealing (a lot of use of the words “we” and “us”). When analyzing an article always look for contrast, pay close attention to characters other than author, tie words together.

There are so many things to look for and so much to remember I just don’t know if I did good. The better part of the story is: there is still Paper II, III, and IV of English and Paper I and II of Global Perspectives.

These courses are part of the Cambridge curriculum in which the students take AICE classes and exams and at the end of senior year, if all the exams were passed then the student obtains an AICE diploma.

I hope i don’t break down between now and June 4th.

And this is only sophomore year.

A Surge of Strength

When the wax is running out and the wick is long and strong, the flame strengthens, grows. It’s like a human being with the last surge of strength before the life reaches its end. It’s like realizing that it’s all about to be over and you haven’t had a chance to live it to the fullest, so you take what you’ve got left and make the best of it.IMG_2299 IMG_2304 IMG_2307 IMG_2311 IMG_2313 IMG_2314