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IMG_7341 Jose Diaz Balart holding our school newspaper: The Harbinger

IMG_7342 Jose Diaz Balart and I after doing my interview.

Today Daniela and I interviewed Jose Diaz Balart for our articles. Daniela interviewed him on the immigration reform and I interviewed him on ISIS. We had also met his brother, Mario Diaz Balart at a convention for JSA.

Remembering the time I met Mario Diaz Balart at Fall State Remembering the time I met Mario Diaz Balart at Fall State

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Queen B’s Birthday

No, no, this post isn’t about Beyonce – even though she is also a queen. This is about the wonderful and brilliant Mrs. Borges: advisor, teacher, friend, and confidant. Today we celebrated her birthday por todo lo alto just like she deserves.

The seniors whose task it is every year to make it the most memorable yet decorated the Pink Room with bee themed ornaments. Get it? Because she’s the Queen B. Bee. And her name is Mrs. Borges. 🙂

Flower shaped balloons adorned the ceiling and confetti covered the tables dressed in pink and yellow table cloths. The excitement was almost tangible in the room. Every student – from the seniors (who are her precious babies) to the sophomores (who are the new kids on the block) – was ecstatic to dedicate a whole day to celebrate the person that cares and guides us in the right direction.

As soon as she came into the room everyone yelled “Surpise!!” and started singing “Las Mañanitas”, a mexican song that is usually sung on birthdays in the Hispanic culture. Then we sang Happy Birthday and she soon blew out the candle placed on an array of cupcakes reading “Happy Birthday”.

We moved on to the gift opening section of the day. Mrs. Borges opened a big bag labeled “Happy Birthday” only to find a little box with a polaroid camera inside (we consulted her husband and she had wanted this gift for a while). Needless to say, she was euphoric and then more when she found out she had also gotten a matching case to put it in. After each group of kids got their turn to take a polaroid picture with the birthday queen we moved on to the more sentimental portion.

An assigned video editor managed to compile short clips of our Journalism class alumni saying some kind words to Mrs. Borges on her birthday. As soon as the babies she had practically raised to be successful and take on the world came on the SmartBoard she got a bit emotional herself. By the end of the video Mrs. Borges was rummaging for tissues to dry up her eyes.

“I don’t usually get this emotional on my birthday. It’s at the end of the year when the seniors leave that i cry.”

We ended the day on a lighter note when the helium balloons stopped being used for decoration and were instead used for sucking the gas and making funny remarks in a very high pitched voice. Needless to say, this year’s birthday was a very special one and i for one, am glad i got to witness the woman i owe so much to be so happy and carefree for at least one day.


Racism Among Chelsea Fans

Just last week a black man was racially abused in a Paris subway station by rowdy football fans. A group of Chelsea football fans were preventing Souleymane S, a black man, from entering the cart while chanting, “We’re racist, we’re racist and that’s the way we like it.”

Richard Barklie, a director of the World Human Rights Forum, was one of the three men identified by the UK’s Metropolitan Police after analyzing a video of the scene. Barklie offered his “sincerest apologies for the trauma and stress suffered by Mr. Souleymane” and assured he took no part in the racial or physical abuse of the black man.

Chelsea confirmed this past Friday that it had suspended five people from attending games at its Stamford Bridge stadium and has apologized to the victim for their fans. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho even invited Mr. Souleymane to attend the return match against Paris Saint Germain at Stamford Bridge.

Support was shown for Mr. Souleymane at the first game since the incident when the fans held banners reading: “Black or white, we are all blue” and “No racism at the Bridge. That’s the way we like it” making a play on words of the original insults toward the black man.

“In 21st-Century, multi-racial Britain, sport is the catalyst and the key that engages and unites. For me it’s the most potent weapon for breaking down barriers,” former Chelsea player, Paul Elliott, said at the British Ethnic Diversity Awards.




Has feminism gone to far?

Feminism; the act of liberating women from their traditional roles and giving them the equality of a man on social, economic, political levels.
        Ultimately it gave women the right of choice. Feminist had good intentions in the beginning but as the movement grew they got selfish and greedy. Feminist didn’t shove their views down the throats of housewives like they do today. I’ve done some research on this topic to get more educated and I noticed a lot of men were behind this movement, it was believed that a French man coined the term feminist. That raises the question were these men selfish, or selfless?
        Today some men force their women to work “so [they] can have more money.” Is it really so you, as a couple, can have more money, or so the man can have more money? These women work…

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Winter Coat & Snow Boots

wardrobe wonderment

Now, I know I started off my blog with pre-spring outfits. However, today we were blasted with a snow storm! APPARENTLY, Mother Nature does not want to bring spring around. Anyway, I went out for breakfast this morning and I had to bundle up in order to keep warm. Recently I found a great deal on a Calvin Klein coat at Bon Ton. Okay guys, this coat was originally $200.00 and I bought it on sale for $60.00! Is that not an amazing deal? (I really recommend buying a coat around this time of year because there are so many of them on sale since spring is supposed to be right around the corner). I really love the fit of this coat and the fact that it is waterproof makes it even better to wear during the winter or even rainy days early on in the spring.

DSC01619 (1)

DSC01620 (1)

DSC01629 (1)

Along with…

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Travel Tips!

Storytime with John

Okay, finally got down to this one! I’m certainly no expert, and don’t really claim to be – but I feel like I can at least impart some advice I’ve picked up along the way! I will say this; they are (mostly) all just common sense – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth saying! 

Hope they help!

Please buy my collection of stories! Get it in paperback here – or on Kindle here! ALL proceeds go towards Macmillan Cancer Support!

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Low Fat…Low Fun.

Storytime with John

Sitting here, staring into the grey abyss of my cereal bowl. The foul putrid liquid that softens, and dulls the frosted flakes – turning them into flavorless cardboard husks before my very eyes. How did it come to this? Do I deserve this fate, which is surely worse than death? 

Low fat…it’s low fun. It’s flavourless, it’s bland. There is no bacon, no cheese. No syrup, no chocolate – no extras, no treats.


You don’t want diabetes, you don’t want cancer, you don’t want obese bum cheeks…or whatever else they say. So naturally you end up following certain elements of these horrible currents of advice. I’m waiting, not so patiently – for when we begin to celebrate real men or whatever, who have a nice little pouch stomach…like a kangaroo I guess, but not as cute, and well no baby – just gluttony in there. When we begin to celebrate 

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