ISIS Video Claims Beheading of Russian Spy

This past Wednesday, December 2, 2015, ISIS released a video of a beheading which they claimed to be of a Russian spy who had joined their terrorist organization. The beheading was accompanied by a message chastising Russian President Vladimir Putin and threatening Russia’s constituents.

As usual per ISIS beheading style, the captive, in an orange jumpsuit, kneels before the killer. The killer says – in Russian – that the airstrikes ordered by Putin against the Islamist extremist group “has made us understand that we are doing the right thing” by continuing their terrorizing fight.

The killer then addresses Russian citizens, saying their group will take revenge on them and their families by promising, “You will not find peace in your homes. We will kill your sons … for each son you killed here. And we will destroy your homes for each home you destroyed here.”

The authenticity of the video has not been studied and it has not been proved that the beheaded man was a Russian spy. If all is at it is claimed to be, Russia will surely respond to ISIL’s actions.