The only people I need….


These are only a few of the amazing people that I am surrounded by. I only met many of them last year but since then they have become a part of my family, a part of me. I am utterly grateful to have them in my life and to be able to count on them whenever I need someone. I am not an easy person to handle but they have surely done a great job by staying by my side and picking me up when I fall down. At my school we have created a small family; we laugh, we fight like any normal, disfunctional family. We spend every second of every day together and even though you would think we would get tired of each other after school and during the weekends we hang out. I can’t be grateful enough to have met them and that is why I…

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Im Thankful For…

Laura R. and I had very similar themes for "Blast From the Past" as part of our school's spirit week.
Laura R. ( and I had very similar themes for “Blast From the Past” as part of our school’s spirit week. She’s like my daughter, i always take care of her. 
When school takes over most of your life it's nice to go out and relax with friends who would do anything to see you smile. Here's to those.
When school takes over most of your life it’s nice to go out and relax with friends who would do anything to see you smile. Here’s to those.
Little Kat who is taller than most of us is actually the biggest baby. She's dramatic and anxious but she manages to rise to the occasion and do just what's needed. She cares about all of us more than she should but i'm grateful to her for that.
Little Kat ( who is taller than most of us is actually the biggest baby. She’s dramatic and anxious but she manages to rise to the occasion and do just what’s needed. She cares about all of us more than she should but i’m grateful to her for that.
Juanita, Juanis, Jupiña. So many nicknames for just one girl. She manages to be just the person i need whenever i seek her and for that i am thanful.
Juanita, Juanis, Jupiña ( . So many nicknames for just one girl. She manages to be just the person i need whenever i seek her and for that i am thanful.

Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner this post is dedicated to those in my life for whom I am thankful for. These people are all my friends in one way or another. I’ve known them for about a year now but somehow someway we have grown as close as brothers and sisters. We spend almost every second of the day together and then go to each other’s house after school and then go out on weekends and spend even more time together. We’re always there for one another just like family; we fight just like family too but never spend too much time without apologizing. If one of us ever needs help we know someone has got our back. It’s nice to know you’re not alone and someone feels just like you do.We stick together very much like the cliche “if you mess with one of us you mess with all of us”. It’s important to have a support just like this so this Thanksgiving i want to tell these people, I AM THANKFUL FOR YOU.

Chasing a True Life

“So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they’re busy doing things they think are important. This is because they’re chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.” 

In this millennium, today’s generation, how many people die wishing they had done more? Energy and time is spent trying to reach a goal that’s more important to our peers than us. Real value isn’t inculcated in children anymore; people are taught it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there.

It all starts in the home. I believe this is like education and respect, it starts all the way in the beginning and then builds up. Nowadays little kids just yearn for that new toy and for that sweet candy and to win at the little baseball leagues. Very little times infants get sad because grandma forgot to give them a big smooch on the cheek or mom forgot to lick her finger and fix their hair. From the very beginning, today’s kids ask and ask away for Christmas presents and birthday presents and that toy their daycare friend has that they don’t.

My daily routine: wake up, go to school, do homework, eat, sleep. I focus all my attention on grades because that’s what I’ve always been taught to do. I understand there is a goal I should be working towards. The common goal for everyone with big dreams – to go to a renowned university – but it’s always been my mother who drilled it in me. Morrie talks about doing the things that are really important like loving yourself and loving others but how can we do it if we’re constantly working to reach newer and bigger places?

I have always been taught to strive, sometimes no matter the consequences. I myself am one of those kids that was taught it’s a dog-eat-dog world and to not be scared to reach high. I am guilty of caring about myself more than others. I don’t give to the community around me just because they might get smart enough to surpass me on my way to the top. Giving love isn’t something I make time for and if I get some from my mom from time to time I guess that’s enough. I’ve always been a little independent woman since my diaper days and that’s made for a little harsh personality. I work towards a goal and tell myself after this I will be free and able to be a little more giving, heartier. The truth is, the cycle never ends.

“More, more, more” seems to be everyone’s mantra these days. The more we achieve the farther we want to go. It’s all about testing limits and seeing who we can beat in the process. From one perspective, this is what we were born to do. The Darwinian form of natural selection says the strongest and biggest survives and no animal ever thrived by devoting themselves to the community. Ambition can drive people crazy but it’s also what drives us and what makes the world go round. Because we chase these jobs and gifts and expensive materials is why the whole economy and work force exists.

All the time all around the around the world people are leaving their family and their quality time together with the thought that “if I just finish this one more and then I can have this wee bit more money then I’ll be fine”. Honestly, this never happens and so it never ends. I believe it takes a real detached and relaxed person to achieve the point of tranquility and purity that is essential for this mentality of giving to take on. I also believe 95% of the world isn’t capable of such things.

Everyday Expressions

My journalism class was recently assigned a photo hunt and one of the requirements on the list was three forms of expressions. After an afternoon spent with my friend Luisela and a professional camera at the ready i got these 3 great shots. This is she in her natural habitat.expression 2

expression 1

expression 3

Future Reunion

We’ve been going over some sentence patterns with my English teacher and he wanted to see them in use so he assigned us a paper.

We have to write a letter as if it were 10 years from now at our high school reunion while using 10 patterns in the book The Art of Styling Sentences. (great book by the way, really has helped better my writing and all of Mr. Walpole’s classes have had great success with it)

Dear Jennifer,

It’s so sad you weren’t at our ten year Cambridge reunion. Please tell me all the babies are okay and you’ll be able to make the next one. We all missed you; the whole gang was there. So, tell me how New York’s been. I hear the winter’s been pretty aggressive this year but I know you rocked it with your fabulous heels and stylish dresses. I’m so glad you came out of your shell like Mrs. Borges predicted. Congratulations on getting together with that hunk of Hollister model husband. I’m delighted that you have a man who makes you happy like you’ve always deserved.

Well, let me tell you. You missed a heck of a reunion girl: there was drama, gossip, and laughter. Everyone arrived and made their entrance unique, fashionable, unforgettable. Cesar was late (as expected by all) but made a grand entrance with a modern time Evan Peters by his side. Girls in all corners of the room awed and sighed, screamed and screeched, tapped and trembled in amazement at his Adonis-like appearance. On the other hand, Tagoe got there fast and punctual but unaccompanied. Everyone wanted to ask but pity made them hold back. What do you think happened with his wife? We all made bets on whether she kicked him out of the house temporarily or for good. It must be all his late nights, perfumed shirts and lame explanations that got him to this point.

Let me fill you in on everyone else. Laura Romero – Mr. Walpole’s favorite student – married James Rodriguez and moved to Africa. She had two beautiful babies atop of a Tarzan style tree house and has lived among the gorillas ever since. Money, fashion, beauty, – these are the components of Christine Romero’s current lifestyle. She waltzed in with two sugar daddies, one for each arm but she wasn’t happy. She kept saying if she had the love, if she had the attention, if she had married a wonderful man she would be jovial but the wrong decisions in youth had lasting consequences. Some say that man was Mario but now we’ll never know. Carolina finally became a dentist after fighting it – fighting her calling to be in the health atmosphere. Getting all she ever wanted, Juanita now lives in the Hamptons with her NBA player of a husband and two precious mixed babies. A white husband everyone knew Juanita would never have.

Kaitlyn turned her life completely around but for the worst. She was a disgrace: a meth cooking addict who couldn’t hold it together. She lost her job at Apple Inc., the most prestigious of electronic companies with the pickiest of executives. All participants at the reunion made a silent prayer for her to become the intellectual Cambridge student she once was. Aisha went on to play professional tennis and be a basketball wife. The pictures of her at her husband’s games and vice versa are to die for.

Andres, just like Max and Anthony, built humongous companies based on the manufacture and software of drones. After the tension of competing between former friends they joined forces and took over the world while taking down Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin, and Raul Castro. Jeffrey on the other hand, realized engineering wasn’t the thing for him and moved into the food industry. He currently owns a chain of Chinese restaurants all around Florida.

As for myself, I also strived and achieved my dream of being a lawyer. In the meantime I married Brooklyn Beckham in France on a wonderful spring afternoon. We had a marvelous honeymoon in Greece and Italy exploring different cultures and customs. Oh, I almost forgot. We also had two little kids in England and have lived in London ever since. I travel a lot to Miami because Brooklyn’s father hosts so many soccer games there and we’re always invited. Don’t worry, I haven’t lost touch with my roots. I don’t think any Cuban can ever forget where they came from.


Daniela Morales.

Changing Goals

I agree. We spend so much time working towards ONE big goal. Wondering if we’re ever going to get there; we’re wondering if one day the struggle will be over. I haven’t reached my goal yet but I know afterwards there will be something even bigger to go after. This will be my life story. Always wanting to thrive and go even farther. I wonder if I’ll ever be content with exactly where i am in life and what I have accomplished.

Coloring Me

Another Gates essay. It’s funny to see how its been less than a year since I wrote this and some things have changed so much. 

For as long as I can remember my goal has been being accepted to Harvard University. I’ve spent most of my school career working towards it. But, it’s just months away and I don’t know what comes next. I have spent so long working on one thing and now that it’s finally within my grasp, I feel lost.

I wonder if there is always this sense of loss when you meet a goal. It feels like everything I’ve worked towards is about to end and the thought of having to start again is terrifying. But, I’ve always set goals. This time, I just have a whole lot more to think about. The rest of my life is daunting and setting long term goals isn’t easy.


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Prediction on Governor Election – Florida

In lieu of election day being just this upcoming Tuesday here is my personal opinion on who is more likely to – or who should – win this term’s election.

Based off of the information compiled in a recent election journal, the three televised debates in which the candidates expressed their “plans” – more like insulted each other for the whole hour- and the voters reactions to said debates I believe Charlie Crist will win this year’s gubernatorial elections. In my opinion, Rick Scott is more well liked upstate in north Florida where the more conservative people live. Even though he tried to appeal to south Floridians by reciting a few words in Spanish I don’t believe it worked mainly because of his neglect to answer most of the questions posed at the debate and the importance of those decisions to South Floridians. Regardless, Crist was able to appeal to a wider population of Floridians mostly because of his people skills – his charismatic ways – and the way he addressed the moderator’s questions instead of beating around the bush most of the time like Scott. Scandals also reflect on a runner and their decisions, whether it’s true or not. A lot of citizens aren’t educated enough on the issues and candidates’ history to make a wise choice so whatever positive or negative commentary they see on the news impacts their decision greatly. Scott is greatly criticized for withholding information about assets and bank accounts and deals including his personal company – there hasn’t been true transparency- while Charlie has a cleaner past with silly scandals and one big controversy with money laundering which was never verified. Charlie is also more open minded, he’s for gay marriage and medical marijuana and loan-forgiveness which makes him appealing to young middle and lower class voters while Rick Scott is conservative and close minded, making him appeal to the higher class conservative voters and the minority.