Reflection on “The Media Helped Make Trump”

In this article, Nicholas Kristof blames the media for the rise of Donald Trump. He specifically calls out three ways in which the media was more of a “lapdog” instead of a “watchdog,” serving DT’s agenda instead of looking out for the best interest of America by recognizing the facts. Kristof says the media failed Americans by 1. using Donald Trump for ratings (putting their own financial future first), 2. taking him and his campaign as a joke, and 3. not enough economic diversity in their coverage (talking to the middle class and hearing how DT’s message resonated with them.)

The first and second reason tie together. Because DT was taken as a joke for the most part of his campaign he was paraded around television like the newest reality show star. DT’s rise might be attributed to the media but of course, hindsight is always 20/20. I can’t imagine a parallel universe where the media would not showcase the most popular person of the moment and better its financial status simultaneously – at no apparent ethical cost at the time. If Nate Silver didn’t think DT would amount to anything, it’s a fair assumption to say that the media didn’t think DT would amount to anything.
The third reason Kristof mentions is one that can be applied all over. The media surely does “spend too much time talking to senators, not enough to the jobless” and in this specific case that could’ve offered a different outlook and opened some of the public’s eyes (maybe even DT supporters) but that is the same case with other issues, not just Trump.  
The rise of Donald Trump may be blamed on the media for putting its own financial status first, not exhibiting a clear and serious view to Trump, and only sharing other politician’s opinion of him and his politics but i don’t believe it could’ve been prevented. We can’t really condemn the media because no one could’ve known the outcome. The truth in this economy is that everyone has to look out for themselves. They bounced at the opportunity and maybe when another DT comes along the media will bounce again. It’s all circumstantial. 




Spring Break 2016

This Spring Break was unlike any other. My mom, sister and I took our first road trip up to Central Florida like the three independent women we are.

This is the story of our experimental and explorative Spring Break – our journey.