Presidential Candidates Aren’t the Only ones on the Ballot

Collaboration of Nathalie Del Valle, Ericka Miller, Daniela Morales,.

The United States Senate makes up half of the legislative branch and plays a vital role in our country’s system of checks and balances. Congress, comprised of the House of Representatives – which has 435 elected officials – and Senate – which has 100 elected officials -,  can veto the president and reject appointments to the Supreme Court as well as propose amendments to overrule court decisions. The legislative branch, along with the judicial and executive, is made to cater to our country’s needs but first, officials who will represent those needs must be elected.

The Senate is the upper house in Congress. Senators serve a six year term, as opposed to presidents who serve four year terms and representatives who serve two year terms, which allows them more time to push their agenda and make lasting/impacting decisions for the country. In Florida, the candidates are Marco Rubio and Patrick Murphy. The Republican candidate, Marco Rubio, is seeking reelection. Meanwhile, Democratic candidate, Patrick Murphy, is campaigning for Senator after two terms as a representative.

During an election year such as 2016, when presidential candidates are on the ballot, other candidates for public office tend to be overshadowed. Voters are usually unaware that state representatives have a bigger impact on the policies implemented in that specific state than the President of the United States. More so during this polarizing election, it is pertinent that voters focus on the Senate election too. The Senate will also approve the next Supreme Court justice, the ninth justice, breaking the tie between Republicans and Democrats in the court.

Even though the United State’s next president will drive the country either left or right, Senators and Representatives are the ones who stand for each state’s specific needs. As a voter, it is one’s duty to elect those officials so that each of our needs may make it to the forefront of this country’s important issues.