I love listening to new music by new artists and my taste is constantly changing. I never linger on one genre for too long.

A new New Yorker friend I made whilst my week in Washington D.C and I have been sharing our music tastes lately and he’s introduced me to Kodaline; i can officially say i’ve fallen in love. The latest i’ve been into is Twenty One Pilots and they’re an indie/alternative pop but Kodaline is a slower indie rock/pop. At first, I didn’t think i’d like Kodaline because i was into a faster, more moved type of music but they’ve completely stolen my heart.

I shared about my new obsession on twitter and found that even some of my school friends knew about Kodaline and they feelĀ just as strong as I do.

Below are my favorites from both Twenty One Pilots and Kodaline.


Can’t just see the one part. You’ve got to watch the second too!



Top Songs – Ed Sheeran

I’ve known of Ed Sheeran’s music for about 2 years now but i’ve recently been a bit obsessed with these three songs in specific. These songs describe me – except the one about the prostitute – because i am a big ball of love and affection and i expect the same from my friends. Ed’s eclectic blend of acoustic pop, folk, and hip-hop bring my soul to life. Music is such an important aspect in my life, i must listen to it a minimum of two hours everyday just to be able to function and deal with the crazy life of a Cuban-American teenage girl.

Other than Ed my music ranges from Fall Out Boy and Panic At The Disco to EDM and sometimes Kanye and maybe even One Direction. I’m very open to suggestions of new songs and would like to know what are your top three favorites right now.