Death in Mecca

There was a stampede last Thursday during the annual pilgrimage to Islam’s holiest site, Mecca. More than 700 were trampled and killed in a stampede where two giant groups met and the momentum was too much to instantly stop; the cause was one crowd heading towards an overpass where another crowd was passing and when the two met chaos broke out.

Saudi officials say it was the effect of overcrowding (over 2 million Muslims converged for this year’s hajj) and the pilgrims’ failure to follow the tight schedule set to manage the crowd.

Just last month there was also a crane collapse at Mecca’s Grand Mosque, which killed more than 100 people.


Sunday Night’s Moon, Sun, and Earth Show

The Harbinger

By Daniela Morales

unnamed-2 fixed Stephanie Brito / The Harbinger

This past Sunday the Sun, the Earth, and the moon lined up perfectly for about one hour and 12 minutes forming the famous Super Blood Moon. The phenomenon started off at 10:11 pm ET and peaked at 10:47 pm ET with the whole sphere showered in a reddish hue.

“You’re basically seeing all of the sunrises and sunsets across the world, all at once, being reflected off the surface of the moon,” said Dr. Sarah Noble, a program scientist at NASA.

The reddish tint of the moon caused by the eclipse was visible throughout most of North America as well as South America, Europe, West Asia and parts of Africa.

Coastal towns everywhere braced for the highest ‘super tides’ in 19 years because of the stronger-than-usual gravitational pull coming from the moon and the Sun’s aligning on one side of the Earth.

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Photoshop Skills

I’ve recently been spending more time with Photoshop because I know I will need these skills soon enough when it’s time to work on my senior project, Capstone. These are some before and after pictures. In this edition I made the colors more vibrant.


I used to think the colors in this photo were what made photo a pretty one but after putting it through Photoshop and seeing the before and after I realized all photos can be improved. When comparing photos, the first one seems like it has a white/pale filter. The colors in the new version look more vibrant and make the photo even more beautiful.IMG_3006 fixed

These are some more examples.

IMG_2842 IMG_2842 fixed

IMG_2850 IMG_2850 fixedIMG_2952IMG_2952 fixed


I love listening to new music by new artists and my taste is constantly changing. I never linger on one genre for too long.

A new New Yorker friend I made whilst my week in Washington D.C and I have been sharing our music tastes lately and he’s introduced me to Kodaline; i can officially say i’ve fallen in love. The latest i’ve been into is Twenty One Pilots and they’re an indie/alternative pop but Kodaline is a slower indie rock/pop. At first, I didn’t think i’d like Kodaline because i was into a faster, more moved type of music but they’ve completely stolen my heart.

I shared about my new obsession on twitter and found that even some of my school friends knew about Kodaline and they feel just as strong as I do.

Below are my favorites from both Twenty One Pilots and Kodaline.


Can’t just see the one part. You’ve got to watch the second too!