The Culmination of High School: Journalism Capstone

At Miami Lakes Educational Center there are academies and strands inside those academies. As part of the journalism strand in the Cambridge academy, senior students must create a capstone, a project that represents and reflects all they’ve learned throughout their three years in the strand.

My partner, Juanita Cardona, and I created a Miami lifestyle magazine aimed at Miami-Dade and Broward County residents. This project encompasses our greatest efforts throughout two months.

The magazine is divided among sections: culture, food, art & music.

Below are raw and unedited photos taken exclusively for the magazine:

Cuban roosters in front of El Pub in Calle Ocho, Little Havana by Daniela Morales.


This wall is painted inside Maximo Gomez domino park in Little Havana, by Daniela Morales.
The Biltmore Hotel by Daniela Morales.


Gabriella Ibanez at the Wynwood Walls.
Kalen Siddiqui photographed at the Wynwood Walls for a Reebok ad by Daniela Morales.
Gabriella Ibanez, a sun goddess, by Daniela Morales.


Viva magazine models Kalen Siddiqui and Gabriella Ibanez in Wynwood, an artistic area in South Florida.

This is a pdf of the print version presented to the judges, Paradise Afshar, Chabeli Herrera, and two Herff Jones representatives, Jose and Jordan.

Viva Magazine


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