Life at the end of senior year

by Daniela Morales, a senior ready to graduate high school

I’m thinking now, that maybe I’ll read this in a couple of months, or maybe a year, and think of how I was ungrateful and unappreciative of my time in high school but as I write this sentence I’ve decided that I like to live in the present and therefore, right now, I am so tired and so ready to graduate.

By this point, everything should be running smoothly. Exams are about over and classes are about done but there is one project that is hovering over my head like impending doom – capstone.

But like everything, soon enough that will be over too and I will be moving on to the next chapter of my life. If you follow me on Twitter, which you should (@MoralesVDaniela), like my bio says – “Always onto the next thing.” Also, “Middlebury ’21.”

Yes, I committed to Middlebury College. On September 4 I will be moving 1,533 miles away from home to a cold, cold area of the world. On the bright side, I will be able to experience all four seasons (there are four seasons right – living in Miami made me forget.)

Even though it’s set in stone and I definitely do not have an escape route, I was freaking out a bit about moving so far away, to such a different environment, for so long. Some of the questions plaguing my brain are “Who will be my roommate? Will I pack all I need? Will I feel comfortable living there? Will I be homesick? How do I make friends?” I have zero answers at this moment and hopefully, throughout the summer, I will be enlightened with some knowledge and no longer fear entering the next chapter of my life.

That’s it for today. I know it was a very disorganized train of thought but now you’ve gotten a sneak peek into my brain, the brain of a senior ready to graduate. Goodnight!


It’s 12:16 am and I have my Advanced Placement Biology exam at 8 am. Wish me luck!


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