Taking Photos of Strangers in Public (or Street Photography)

IMG_4559All of these photos were taken at the Hollywood Beach boardwalk on a Saturday night. Though there is nightlife, it revolves mainly around whatever act is performing on the main stage that night.

The scene has changed though: there is a new resort right where there used to be a playground and it has utterly changed the vibe. IMG_4492There are more drunken adults laying poolside and less kids monkeying around on the bars.

But old habits die hard. The couple pictured dancing has been going to Hollywood beach ever since i can remember. Every Saturday my family IMG_4639and I would spend at the beach swimming in the ocean was every Saturday that couple would spend dancing in front of the stage.

Throughout the rest of the boardwalk, that is where the young hang out. The most popular spots are the ice cream parlors – there are possibly hundreds IMG_4535of them – the pizza places and the wall diving the boardwalk and the sand (either licking ice cream or biting pizza.)

There is also the unavoidable four wheeled bicycle which is the definition of forced family time for every child aged 9 – 17. Though there IMG_4647is a “vehicles” lane on the boardwalk, there is no such thing as being too careful. Little three wheeled tricycle/chair thingamajigs are always zipping by with disregard for pedestrians.

The Hollywood beach boardwalk is a place where people go to dance, eat, IMG_4642drink, bike, roller-skate, skateboard, (the new and still mysterious) hoverboard, and run. It’s ideal for a first date and a workout session – there’s no other place like it.


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