I love listening to new music by new artists and my taste is constantly changing. I never linger on one genre for too long.

A new New Yorker friend I made whilst my week in Washington D.C and I have been sharing our music tastes lately and he’s introduced me to Kodaline; i can officially say i’ve fallen in love. The latest i’ve been into is Twenty One Pilots and they’re an indie/alternative pop but Kodaline is a slower indie rock/pop. At first, I didn’t think i’d like Kodaline because i was into a faster, more moved type of music but they’ve completely stolen my heart.

I shared about my new obsession on twitter and found that even some of my school friends knew about Kodaline and they feel just as strong as I do.

Below are my favorites from both Twenty One Pilots and Kodaline.


Can’t just see the one part. You’ve got to watch the second too!



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