Obama to restrict use of military equipment by police

The Obama Administration has finally taken action on all the requests ever since the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. On Monday, May 18, 2015 the administration moved to prohibit federal agencies from providing local police officers with military equipment such as grenades, bayonets and other high-caliber weapons.

Obama acknowledged at a speech in New Jersey that lately the community might feel like the police are an opposing force instead of one that is part of the community and designed to help its constituents. He also referenced Camden, N.J saying the whole country should follow their example and help lower crime rate.

This is all part of an executive order on President Obama’s part that tightened requirements for when security agencies provide the local and state police with military weapons and requires police to give more detailed reports to keep track of the equipment.

It seems as if Obama’s executive order may be useless because the local police may still bypass these requirements and bans by buying the same type of equipment from private sellers.


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