Kim Jong Un Poisoned Aunt According to Defector

An anonymous person has come forward stating that Kim did not only have his uncle killed, but his aunt too. So far this year Kim Jong Un has killed up to 15 enemy officials, says the South Korea Intelligence Agency.

Kim Kyong Hui went missing from the public eye a few months before her husband’s disappearance. Various reports suggest she had a fatal stroke, heart attack, committed suicide or was in a vegetative state after undergoing surgery for a brain tumor.

Earlier this year a report from the South Korea intelligence agency emerged saying she may have still been alive.

The defector accuses Kim Jong of having poisoned his aunt almost a year ago. He says only his bodyguard unit, Unit 974 knew about it but now senior officials have found out the apparent truth.

The purpose of her “murder” was seemingly to silence her after complaining angrily after her husband was killed in December of 2013.

As far as accusations go, Kim Jong Un goes to any extremes to take out his competition; whether they are blood relatives or not, an obstacle is a simple obstacle for Jong Un.


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