Discrimination of LGBT Community in Bexley, Ohio (among others)

Jenn Moffitt and her partner Jerra Kincely were recently discriminated in an Ohio community when they were denied wedding services because of their sexual orientation.

The couple was looking for a wedding videographer specifically and was astonished when they were denied the services because of their same- sex wedding.

“Unfortunately at this time I do not offer services for same-sex weddings” the owner of the business wrote in an email as a form of denying them the services. The owner of the business failed to comment on the issue when approached by CNN.

This small town community doesn’t seem to be the only one to be having these confrontations with the LGBT community. A bakery in Oregon was ordered to pay fines for violating a same-sex couple’s civil rights by refusing to cater their wedding.

Laws modeled after the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” have been imposed in some states but a proposed “Ohio Religious Freedom Restoration Act” was killed by its sponsors last year over concerns that it opened doors to discrimination of the LGBT community.

Ohio is one of the 13 states that have yet to allow same-sex marriage. The U.S Supreme Court is scheduled to make a decision on whether the state’s same sex marriage ban in unconstitutional this 2015 spring.

Read the full story on: http://www.cnn.com/2015/03/16/living/same-sex-wedding-videographer-feat-irpt/index.html


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