Queen B’s Birthday

No, no, this post isn’t about Beyonce – even though she is also a queen. This is about the wonderful and brilliant Mrs. Borges: advisor, teacher, friend, and confidant. Today we celebrated her birthday por todo lo alto just like she deserves.

The seniors whose task it is every year to make it the most memorable yet decorated the Pink Room with bee themed ornaments. Get it? Because she’s the Queen B. Bee. And her name is Mrs. Borges. 🙂

Flower shaped balloons adorned the ceiling and confetti covered the tables dressed in pink and yellow table cloths. The excitement was almost tangible in the room. Every student – from the seniors (who are her precious babies) to the sophomores (who are the new kids on the block) – was ecstatic to dedicate a whole day to celebrate the person that cares and guides us in the right direction.

As soon as she came into the room everyone yelled “Surpise!!” and started singing “Las Mañanitas”, a mexican song that is usually sung on birthdays in the Hispanic culture. Then we sang Happy Birthday and she soon blew out the candle placed on an array of cupcakes reading “Happy Birthday”.

We moved on to the gift opening section of the day. Mrs. Borges opened a big bag labeled “Happy Birthday” only to find a little box with a polaroid camera inside (we consulted her husband and she had wanted this gift for a while). Needless to say, she was euphoric and then more when she found out she had also gotten a matching case to put it in. After each group of kids got their turn to take a polaroid picture with the birthday queen we moved on to the more sentimental portion.

An assigned video editor managed to compile short clips of our Journalism class alumni saying some kind words to Mrs. Borges on her birthday. As soon as the babies she had practically raised to be successful and take on the world came on the SmartBoard she got a bit emotional herself. By the end of the video Mrs. Borges was rummaging for tissues to dry up her eyes.

“I don’t usually get this emotional on my birthday. It’s at the end of the year when the seniors leave that i cry.”

We ended the day on a lighter note when the helium balloons stopped being used for decoration and were instead used for sucking the gas and making funny remarks in a very high pitched voice. Needless to say, this year’s birthday was a very special one and i for one, am glad i got to witness the woman i owe so much to be so happy and carefree for at least one day.


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