Heavy Snow Storm

Possibly the heaviest snow storm in the history of NY is expected to surpass the 26.9 inches of snow in 2006 and before that 25.8 in 1947. NY state has 1,806 plows ready and more than 126,000 tons of salt ready for what will be a hell of a snow storm. An 11 pm curfew has been placed on all non-emergency vehicles as precaution.

More than 7,000 flights for Monday, Tuesday and even Wednesday morning have been canceled or rescheduled. There are no operations on Tuesday at Boston’s Logan International Airport on Tuesday. LaGuardia and JFK have very limited flights.

A non profit organization in NY has already collected hundreds of bags of food and liquids for the homebound elderly. Some seniors have been known to die at times like these in places like Canada where snowfall is usually on the heavy side.

Optimism still reigns. Cities that are predicted to be hit hardest say they’re ready because they know it’s coming. There’s nothing like preparation and they have done the most they can do. Now it’s up to citizens to do what is best for them and stay inside where it is safe.


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