U.S Snubs America’s Oldest Ally

Paris held an anti-terror march this past Sunday to commemorate the recent attack on Charlie Hebdo and recently a Jewish supermarket. Representatives from various countries showed up and marched in support of the current events. It’s been going around the media that the U.S snubbed France because there was no one representing the country but it is a misconception.

The U.S was represented by the largely unknown U.S ambassador Jane Hartley. After all the media coverage and this being described as the U.S’s first political mess of 2015, the U.S Secretary of State John Kerry recognized “we should’ve sent someone with a higher profile.”

The frenzy over U.S negligence was only on U.S ground and media. France acknowledged that President Obama had been resourceful and supportive since the beginning. French media is still fixated on the domestic implications of the shooting at the satire magazine and very concerned with the security of the country.

Obama’s media representative said there had not been enough time to orchestrate the amount of security needed for his presence at the march.France was fast to back up Obama in his defense saying he had visited the French embassy in Washington. France continues to be a close U.S despite all media gossip in the country.


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