A New Tradition

I am Cuban born and raised. Came to this country with barely 9 years worth of life but when you are only 15 years old that actually seems like a lot. I come from divorced parents and this country was a chance for a new start – maybe even for a “new father”.

One thing led to another and here we are are 6 years into our new start with a Colombian stepfather and an American/Cuban/Colombian little addition to the family called Joanet (a mashup of Jonny and Anet).

Colombians have these yearly traditions leading up to Christmas called Novenas and they start 9 days before Christmas Eve, that one being the last day. Us cubans don’t celebrate Christmas this way with the 9 stories and Santa Claus; we have our own centuries old tradition. Of course we celebrate Navidad on December 25th but instead of Santa we have Los Reyes Magos or as you may know them, The Three Wise Men. On January 6th, The Three Wise Men make their way around the globe (with camels and all) and deliver presents to good kids.

Since the merge of our two families we have adapted little things from both cultures like the way of speaking, music taste, the types of food we eat for dinner, and of course, traditions.

This video is my experience of novenas this year with a group of Colombian acquaintances that seems to be growing by the second. I hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed the food… LOTS.

P.S. this video does not reflect my views or preferences on religion.


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