From 2014 to 2015 in the Blink of an Eye

little lightweight fell asleep before 2015

We start off the year with no regard of how fast it’ll pass or all the accomplishments we will fulfill (or not: e.g New Year’s resolutions).

2014 has ended and as i look back i regret not using my time wisely. Everyday is a gift and we don’t know if we’ll even live to see tomorrow. Another year has passed and as much as i enjoyed the things i did i also regret the time that could’ve been spent having fun with friends or family instead of sitting in front of a computer screen all day; this is what i still do.

and she woke up just in time for the 12 grapes
we ring in the new year with lots of dancing, laughing and drinking.
It’s custom to burn a live sized rag doll to leave all the bad in the old year. This was ours.
Rag doll got burned to the ground pretty fast.
Snapchat-7494292221518275325 copy
*sorry but these came off of my snapchat*

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