Sydney Siege


Sydney hostage taker, Man Haron Monis or also known as Sheikh Haron, had an uncanny familiarity with the police. This man – the one who kept hostages locked up in a coffee shop for about 16 hours – already had an extensive criminal record.

“He had a long history of violent crime, infatuation with extremism and mental instability,” Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott told reporters.

Haron’s file contains charges of one sexual assault and six other sex related charges, accessory to murder, and he pleaded guilty of writing offensive letters to military families but never seemed to learn. Of Iran origin, this radical Sunni extremist was speculated to be affiliated with ISIS because of a flag he made hostages hold up with Arabic writing worshipping God as he sees it.

Haron demanded to speak to the Abbott multiple times making his requests known through the hostages’ social media sites but was never pleased.

In an unexpected turn, five hostages managed to escape Haron’s hold and run towards the police crowded streets in search of safety. As a result, Haron enraged and commenced screaming orders at the remaining hostages.

Early Tuesday gunfire erupted as policemen rushed into the popular café where he gunman was holding the hostages. During this encounter, three people were killed in total: two hostages and the one lone gunman.

For the full story please visit CNN.


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