A Family Away From Home

This is my journalism family.


Christmas is a time to rejoice and spend time with family and these people (somehow someway) came to be my family away from home.

This is my first year in the Pink Room and we have just barely started to get to know each other. We have yet to find out one another’s quirks and pet peeves so like every other family, we annoy each other 24/7.

Nonetheless it is rumored that by senior year we will love/hate each other like never before and the bond will be strong. How can you not become close to someone you spend a whole 8 hours with Mon – Fri, and then some.

Anyways, it’s not everywhere that you get to build these type of lasting relationships and this Christmas i am glad i found my home away from home. Finally i found a place where i can be myself and people are not shy to point out some irksome idiosyncrasies  and yet still embrace them.

In order to excel you need to be confident and what’s a better place than where you are one with all your peers but still a unique individual.


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