Stop Glamorizing Illness

Stephanie Brito

“I went from being a nationally ranked sabre fencer to having to crawl to the shower in the morning, my body too weak to stand up…Instead of spending my time between classes talking to friends, I hid in the bathroom to take blood-pressure medication, upwards of 20 pills a day,” wrote Lillie Lainoff, a sophomore at Yale with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, in the Washington Post.

Does this sound like the great Augustus Waters? Does this sound like the teenagers on Red Band Society, Fox’s newest show about high school kids going on adventures in a hospital while being treated for terminal illness?

According to Fox, “the series is a story of life, with an edgy comedic tone all its own,” but it isn’t.

There is nothing about the show that is a story of life.

“Everyone thinks that when you go to a hospital life stops. But it’s just…

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