Future Reunion

We’ve been going over some sentence patterns with my English teacher and he wanted to see them in use so he assigned us a paper.

We have to write a letter as if it were 10 years from now at our high school reunion while using 10 patterns in the book The Art of Styling Sentences. (great book by the way, really has helped better my writing and all of Mr. Walpole’s classes have had great success with it)

Dear Jennifer,

It’s so sad you weren’t at our ten year Cambridge reunion. Please tell me all the babies are okay and you’ll be able to make the next one. We all missed you; the whole gang was there. So, tell me how New York’s been. I hear the winter’s been pretty aggressive this year but I know you rocked it with your fabulous heels and stylish dresses. I’m so glad you came out of your shell like Mrs. Borges predicted. Congratulations on getting together with that hunk of Hollister model husband. I’m delighted that you have a man who makes you happy like you’ve always deserved.

Well, let me tell you. You missed a heck of a reunion girl: there was drama, gossip, and laughter. Everyone arrived and made their entrance unique, fashionable, unforgettable. Cesar was late (as expected by all) but made a grand entrance with a modern time Evan Peters by his side. Girls in all corners of the room awed and sighed, screamed and screeched, tapped and trembled in amazement at his Adonis-like appearance. On the other hand, Tagoe got there fast and punctual but unaccompanied. Everyone wanted to ask but pity made them hold back. What do you think happened with his wife? We all made bets on whether she kicked him out of the house temporarily or for good. It must be all his late nights, perfumed shirts and lame explanations that got him to this point.

Let me fill you in on everyone else. Laura Romero – Mr. Walpole’s favorite student – married James Rodriguez and moved to Africa. She had two beautiful babies atop of a Tarzan style tree house and has lived among the gorillas ever since. Money, fashion, beauty, – these are the components of Christine Romero’s current lifestyle. She waltzed in with two sugar daddies, one for each arm but she wasn’t happy. She kept saying if she had the love, if she had the attention, if she had married a wonderful man she would be jovial but the wrong decisions in youth had lasting consequences. Some say that man was Mario but now we’ll never know. Carolina finally became a dentist after fighting it – fighting her calling to be in the health atmosphere. Getting all she ever wanted, Juanita now lives in the Hamptons with her NBA player of a husband and two precious mixed babies. A white husband everyone knew Juanita would never have.

Kaitlyn turned her life completely around but for the worst. She was a disgrace: a meth cooking addict who couldn’t hold it together. She lost her job at Apple Inc., the most prestigious of electronic companies with the pickiest of executives. All participants at the reunion made a silent prayer for her to become the intellectual Cambridge student she once was. Aisha went on to play professional tennis and be a basketball wife. The pictures of her at her husband’s games and vice versa are to die for.

Andres, just like Max and Anthony, built humongous companies based on the manufacture and software of drones. After the tension of competing between former friends they joined forces and took over the world while taking down Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin, and Raul Castro. Jeffrey on the other hand, realized engineering wasn’t the thing for him and moved into the food industry. He currently owns a chain of Chinese restaurants all around Florida.

As for myself, I also strived and achieved my dream of being a lawyer. In the meantime I married Brooklyn Beckham in France on a wonderful spring afternoon. We had a marvelous honeymoon in Greece and Italy exploring different cultures and customs. Oh, I almost forgot. We also had two little kids in England and have lived in London ever since. I travel a lot to Miami because Brooklyn’s father hosts so many soccer games there and we’re always invited. Don’t worry, I haven’t lost touch with my roots. I don’t think any Cuban can ever forget where they came from.


Daniela Morales.


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