Prediction on Governor Election – Florida

In lieu of election day being just this upcoming Tuesday here is my personal opinion on who is more likely to – or who should – win this term’s election.

Based off of the information compiled in a recent election journal, the three televised debates in which the candidates expressed their “plans” – more like insulted each other for the whole hour- and the voters reactions to said debates I believe Charlie Crist will win this year’s gubernatorial elections. In my opinion, Rick Scott is more well liked upstate in north Florida where the more conservative people live. Even though he tried to appeal to south Floridians by reciting a few words in Spanish I don’t believe it worked mainly because of his neglect to answer most of the questions posed at the debate and the importance of those decisions to South Floridians. Regardless, Crist was able to appeal to a wider population of Floridians mostly because of his people skills – his charismatic ways – and the way he addressed the moderator’s questions instead of beating around the bush most of the time like Scott. Scandals also reflect on a runner and their decisions, whether it’s true or not. A lot of citizens aren’t educated enough on the issues and candidates’ history to make a wise choice so whatever positive or negative commentary they see on the news impacts their decision greatly. Scott is greatly criticized for withholding information about assets and bank accounts and deals including his personal company – there hasn’t been true transparency- while Charlie has a cleaner past with silly scandals and one big controversy with money laundering which was never verified. Charlie is also more open minded, he’s for gay marriage and medical marijuana and loan-forgiveness which makes him appealing to young middle and lower class voters while Rick Scott is conservative and close minded, making him appeal to the higher class conservative voters and the minority.


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