Halloween for Dummies

Halloween has come around, and once again, many high school students find themselves without plans. Are we just too old for trick-or-treating, or are we forgetting the joy of free candy?
When getting spooked by weird costumes just isn’t on the agenda anymore, we can rely on real terror: horror books! Alone time is the best reading time, especially in a dark room with an overhead light and a fuzzy blanket to cuddle up with. Horror stories, especially popular ones like The Shining by Stephen King or The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty, can become anyone’s best friend.
A scary movie night with your friends or just yourself, some popcorn, and maybe even chocolate would also be a Halloween well spent. For people like the fellow MLEC student Dayana Couso who “rather see the movie than read the book” there are great titles like “Insidious: Chapter 2” and “Friday the 13th” or the trendy TV show “American Horror Story” are available on both Hulu and Netflix. Other more recent options available on Redbox are “Oculus” and “A Haunted House 2”, which offers a comic twist to traditional terror.
If you, like the majority of the high school population, have a week’s worth of homework piling up in the corner, or you need to catch up on sleep, then Halloween is the perfect time to get ahead; “I sleep about as much as a fish” said PACE student Josvany Lesende. A group of friends could get together, form a study group, and review notes while snacking on some Cheetos and Skittles. That big test coming up wouldn’t be so intimidating with a good Halloween study session, would it?
Now for crafty people, a fun way to get busy is to make a haunted house. Create a fun, spooky ambiance right in your front yard with the help motion activated laughing skulls, black drapes, and spider webs. Hide behind bushes and scare the ghosts out of people, but try not to give little kids nightmares.
And don’t forget: trick-or-treating is never out of the picture, even in our teenage years. There’s always the possibility of rounding up a good group of friends and strolling the streets of the neighborhood while collecting some candy here and there.
Whether you’re alone or with a rowdy group of friends, Halloween should be spent doing the things you enjoy with people you like; watching a movie or going to a Halloween themed park, it’s all about being comfortable and having fun.
-Boo from the Crew


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