The Graffiti Run


The Graffiti Run in Key Biscayne, Miami was held this past Sunday, October 12, 2014 as a fun family day for everyone from green grand-parents next to pink college students; yellow marathon runners alongside blue children; orange moms next to purple unicorns.

My friend and fellow school collegue Laura Romero was just web browsing when she came upon this fun activity held in our city and better yet, we could volunteer!

Five of us, including me, committed to attending the run and everything worked just as we planned. We got our stuff together and woke up at the crack of dawn on a SUNDAY! The day invented thousands of years ago for the sole purpose of sleeping in and relishing in our passion of doing asbolutely NOTHING! Buuut we got our stuff together and by 7 am we were heading down to Key Biscayne. We got there, signed in, got our white “Graffiti Run The Colorful 5K” shirts and we were set. Soon after we picked our color and in a few moments station Pink was in the back of a truck to where the paint throwing would be held.

After a few chill moments, a bit of water drinking, granola bar eating, the first of the runners started coming by. The 70 lbs tin of pink powder were flowing everywhere and not even half way through the run they were done. A lot of volunteers, all teens, were having fun with the powder throwing it at themselves. A pink cloud of powder -making it seem like all pictures had a pink filter-  was among us. The air got thick and hard to take in, our ears, nostrils and lips were powder filled. Sunglasses and eyelashes betraying their purpose of protection because they too harbored pounds of powder.

The Run was all we expected and more -except the part where we had to walk a mile back to our sign in station and the scarcity of bottled water-, a time in between friends where we bonded more than ever.


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