First Pep Rally of 2014/15 Schoolyear

This past Friday we had the first pep rally of the year at MLEC and our activities director Ms. Castro decided to spice things up a bit. Instead of the usual dancers’ performances and energizing speech we had a basketball game as the main focus and man did that game exceed expectations.

The sound of the crowd chanting for their team was heard as soon as attendees started scurrying inside the gym and onto the stands. It was the seniors rivaling a combination of underclassmen and as a person who had seen both teams practice beforehand, i thought the seniors had this game in the bag.

The game was about to start and the first five starting line players from both teams were called to the court. A shake of hands proceeded and the seniors had the ball. For a bit of time the seniors were ahead by 2 points, then by 4, then by 2 points again as the underclassmen began catching up and in the blink of an eye, the seniors were completely left behind.

The seniors never made a comeback after the underclassmen were ahead and as everyone was cheering for their team, mindless of the time left or the team to leave school, the loud buzzer sounds and the underclassmen have won !

Against all odd and expectations, the little ones rose to the challenge and left the homecoming school spirit higher than it had ever been before.


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