The Things She Carried

As a sophomore in Cambridge, Kaitlyn was always on the move and being unprepared was not an option. In her book bag of endless depth she carried a five pound laptop with a red cover, a Stephen King fiction book, another fiction book, a notebook, a workbook, a black work folder, a black school-year agenda, a black cardigan and yet, there was more space. Inside one of the pockets there was a little bag with cosmetics, Kaitlyn cared about her public image more than was necessary. The little black and white bag inside her black book bag carried eyeliner and lipstick and lip gloss and lip balm and foundation and mascara and eye shadow primer but no eye shadow. Inside another pocket Kaitlyn’s book bag held she stored a smaller array but still school essentials such as two pencils, one red pen, one blue pen, one black pen, one yellow highlighter, one orange highlighter, a hair tie to keep them all together, a flash drive, an eraser, and dry white out to rapidly take care of the mistakes. She also had earphones, a wallet and keys. Kaitlyn’s life all together was a giant mess with family, school and teachers thrown in the mix but the one thing she had control of was her book bag. As organized as could be she held on to it for dear life in hope one day her goals were achieved and her life was as organized as she.


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