U.S Pushes Back Against Warnings that ISIS Plans to Enter From Mexico

Whether ISIS is planning to invade the U.S through the southern border or not isn’t just a fact. There are some credibility issues over the authenticity of the threat and whether they have set foot in Mexico. Judicial Watch said intelligence officials had “picked up radio talk and chatter indicating that the terrorist groups are going to carry out an attack on the border”. Just as fast Representative Mr. O’Rourke, Democrat of Texas went to verify the story with the Homeland Security Department and F.B.I who at that moment told him they had no intelligence about such an attack.

Even though the story was proven false by the F.B.I and H.S.D, the article was widely reported. Representative Jeff Duncan of South Carolina, Governor of Texas Rick Perry, and the Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton expressed their cynicism by saying that the government was turning their head on this threat and simply ignoring the big probability that ISIS could in fact be in Mexico planning car bomb attacks. “Wake up America” said Mr. Duncan as he pressed his point, “With a porous southern border, we have no idea who’s in our country.”

In reality, the FBI and Homeland Security are more scared of the terrorists entering the U.S like any other common person; on an airplane in a commercial flight, than through the Mexican border. Their efforts are focused on more than 2,000 Europeans and 100 Americans who have traveled to Syria to fight along extremist groups and gone through their virtually unprotected borders without as much as a passport stamp.

Fox News reported there had been spotting’s of Muslim clothes and Qurans through some smuggling routes and that constituted as evidence that they had entered the U.S but nothing has been confirmed by the higher authorities. As of right now ISIS’s terrorists attacks on the U.S are simply a rumor and not cemented enough to be announced as a public threat by the U.S government.


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