U.S May Have Identified Masked Man in James Foley Execution Video

U.S. law enforcement officials believe they may be close to identifying the executioner of James Foley and investigating if it is the same one responsible for the beheading of Steven Sotloff. Technology like voice analysis and analyzing metadata from the video is being used but the certainty isn’t a 100% yet. The suspect has been tied to an extremist group set in London. Both the U.S and British government have made finding the subject a priority mainly because he is a British citizen and he did kill an American citizen. Authorities are still trying to determine if the man speaking in the Sotloff video is the same from the Foley video but it’s only been a week since the publishing of Sotloff’s beheading video on September 2nd

            The man’s demise may come in combat or if caught he could be taken to a U.S or British court, it is not clear yet.


Terrorist in Foley Video Identified?


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